Scent with love this Christmas

This Christmas, the gifts nestled underneath the tree should be considered, personal and wrapped up in meaning, making fragrance an ideal place to start.

In partnership with Aoura London 

2020 has been one like no other but hey, if nothing else, this was the year we were reminded of the incredible women we’re surrounded by. Best friends, family, workmates…the sisterhood is going strong and ‘tis the season to celebrate that awesomeness. This Christmas is not about spending big, but putting real thought into the gifts we give and perfume is the ultimate gift of luxury.

The festive season is so intrinsically linked to scent; the sharp citrus green of pine needles, earthy logs by the fire, the sweet spice of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. You can almost map out the month by scent, which is why fragrance has become the signature gift it has. When have you not opened a shiny cellophane-wrapped box to reveal a smooth glass flacon of scent and felt that little thrill? Fragrance is decadent, it’s personal, it’s exciting, it’s a classic for a reason.

Enter the new wardrobe of scents launching from Aoura London; jewel-like bottles we’re coveting like buried treasure, encasing scents to suit every woman and her unique persona. These soon-to-be iconic fragrances contain sophisticated base notes of sensual sandalwood and evocative jasmine, right though to top notes of sparkling pear. And because we like to keep our options open, they’ve been artfully designed in traditional eau de parfum form, or a light, spritzable body mist. What’s more, they’re such a reasonable price, we think they make for rather splendid stocking fillers.

The notes in fragrance speak to our character and what makes us innately us, so when you’re buying perfume as a gift, dig a little deeper into who she is. Check out our fail-safe guide for selecting the right Aoura London scent for the superwomen in your life.


Aoura London Pretty London EDP

This lady is as sweet as they come but she’s no wall flower. She’s quietly confident, super thoughtful (and has likely already spent hours making your gift!) Delicate rose will appeal to her softness, while base notes of musk and heady patchouli, display her depths and assert her resilience.

Aoura London Pretty Woman EDP, £15.99 and Body Mist, £9.99


Aoura London Love Rush

This one is a femme de force. She falls hard and is fiercely loyal to those she loves. Not one to be taken for granted though, sweet vanilla will wrap around her like cashmere and ripe bergamot will play to her sharp edge.

Aoura London Love Rush EDP, £15.99 and Body Mist, £9.99


Aoura London Midnight Passion

You’ve not got this girl quite figured out. She’s a smart cookie and well-travelled so this floral amber gourmand, layered with bitter orange and anise is just the complexity that will appeal to her. Exotic tonka bean and sandalwood will remind her of her explorer ways and adventures yet to come.

Aoura London Midnight Passion EDP, £15.99 and Body Mist, £9.99


Aoura London Secret Envy

More mercurial than most, she’s anything but straightforward but face it, her complexities make her who she is. Wild coastal vetiver and heady jasmine will match her sultry moods, then light, effervescent pear will draw her out again.

Aoura London Secret Envy EDP, £15.99 


Aoura London Hot Cherry

Hello power fragrance! This zingy team of grapefruit, mango and bergamot starts the party and then rich cherry and tuberose bring the heat. It shows off her sensuality and bolsters her confidence to remind her she’s a power player. Hear her roar.

Aoura London Hot Cherry EDP, £15.99


Aoura-London Paradise Bliss Mist

No dramas here, this lady knows exactly who she is. Red apple taps into her steady nature and base notes of hazelnut and coconut milk, her calmness. She’s got some serious drive though, and pink pepper offers up the energy boost to make her a dynamo.

Aoura London Paradise Bliss Body Mist, £9.99


Aoura London Free Spirit Body Mist

She’s hippy, happy to go with the flow and with a dose of wild child for good measure. A mist of zesty mandarin, peach and pear will dial up her care-free, fun factor and the woody base will ground her when she needs it. Let the good times roll.

Aoura London Free Spirit Body Mist, £9.99

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