‘Why is no one protesting Prince Andrew’s return to royal life?’

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  • It’s 2020 and we should make exceptions for no one.

    Prince Andrew was announced to be stepping down from royal duties last year, following his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and the subsequent car crash of a TV interview in which he tried to clear his name.

    ‘Good’, I remember telling my housemate, admiring the royal family for putting him in his place. ‘It’s 2020 and we should make exceptions for no one’.

    On my commute to work today however, I saw that the 59-year-old appeared to be low-key resuming his royal responsibilities, and worse still, no one was saying anything about it.

    According to People, Andrew returned to official duties this week, attending a UK visit from China’s ambassador Liu Xiaoming.

    Is he resuming his role? The public certainly seems to think so.

    So my question – why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?

    Let’s recap on Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview where he addressed his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, 66-year-old multimillionaire businessman and registered sex offender who died in an apparent suicide last year.

    Epstein was at the time being held without bail on charges of sex trafficking girls (some as young as 14). And given the footage emerging showing Prince Andrew in Epstein’s mansion in 2010, the two men’s names were linked.

    Virginia Guiffre, formerly Roberts, asked the public to stand with her as she alleged that she was brought to the UK aged 17 to have sex with Prince Andrew, something he quashed, finding holes in the allegations from explaining in detail that he medically couldn’t sweat (something doctors have since disputed) and using Pizza Express in Woking as an ‘alibi’.

    Watching it live at home, my friends and I sat open-mouthed staring at the TV – no one had ever looked more guilty.

    This is something that has gotten worse since he stepped down, with a prosecutor for the Epstein case publicly announcing last week that ‘Prince Andrew has provided zero cooperation’ to date.

    ‘I implore the people in the UK… to not accept this as being ok’, Virginia Guiffre stated in her interview last year.

    This is something I agree with, and in my opinion, Prince Andrew should not return to royal duties.

    We are lucky to live in a ‘woke’ generation where we can make change by standing in protest together.

    So, how is there not a millennial uproar against this right now?

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