Women make 75% household decisions

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  • Women rule the roost when it comes to making important household decisions - including how a couple spend their money, what they eat and when they have children according to a new study

    Women make 75 per cent of all important household decisions including finances, where a couple live and when they start a family. And men? Well, they tend to oversee decisions about what car the couple owns or what they watch on TV according to researchers.

    The study by Ginsters suggests women also have control over the day-to-day decisions such as how to spend spare time, what time to go to bed and even the temperature of the thermostat.

    ‘It seems men are no longer the head of the household and they know it,’ says spokesman, Larry File. ‘We were surprised by how honest and open men were about their lack of say in their day-to-day lives but most men didn’t seem to mind having to ask permission before doing things.’

    The report also found that six out of 10 men admitted that their partner had complete control over when and how often they had sex, while 66 per cent of men said they were ‘completely reliant’ on their partner for decisions on when and what they eat.

    ‘The idea of a man heading up the house is clearly a thing of the past with most couples agreeing that the woman is the key decision maker,’ says File.

    The survey of 3,000 couples also revealed women use the art of manipulation to persuade their partner to take their advice, resorting to flirting or wearing skimpy clothes to get their own way, while men opt for chocolates to sweeten up their partner.

    Do you agree that women have become the dominant sex? Or are men just happy to go with the flow for an easy life? Tell us know your thoughts below.


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