Women in THESE cities are apparently least satisfied with their sex lives

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  • Uh oh.

    Words by Rebecca Fearn.

    A new study has revealed which cities women are apparently least satisfied with their sex lives.

    The research, conducted by feminine hygiene products Woo Woo, revealed that Oxford is the city where women are least satisfied with the sex they are having with their partners; a colossal 58% of women who took part said so.

    This was closely followed by 56% in Bristol, 55% in Brighton and 53% in Glasgow.

    The lowest ten are as follows:

    Oxford – 58 percent

    Bristol – 56 percent

    Brighton – 55 percent

    Glasgow  – 53 percent

    Cardiff – 52 percent

    Newcastle- 52 percent

    Nottingham – 50 percent

    Edinburgh – 49 percent

    Liverpool – 47 percent

    Manchester – 45 percent

    The study also revealed a number of things about women and their sex lives. The average female apparently has sex twice a week on average – but actually would like to be having it FIVE times a week. Woah.

    In fact, three-quarters of the women interviewed said they wished they were having more sex and as many as 60% of the women polled wanted ‘better’ sex than they are currently experiencing.

    Lucy Anderson, founder of Woo Woo said of the results:

    “We wanted to find out how much fun modern women are actually having between the sheets, and whether they are getting the pleasure and excitement they deserve. It’s great to see women admitting to wanting more sex, women like sex just as much as men and shouldn’t be afraid to admit it or be shamed for doing so.”

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