Women are calling out their harassers in the most brilliant way

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  • #NoWomanEver

    Street harassment is something that all women can relate to, with every one experiencing some form of it in their lifetime.

    Whether it comes in the form of car honks and wolf whistles from passing traffic, or aggressive slurs shouted across the street, every woman will have a story. Many women will have had the pretty horrible experience of being followed home and fearing for their own safety.

    It can sometimes be hard to call out these street ‘harassers’, as women who do so are often accused of overreacting, being unable to take a joke or simply ‘asking for it’ by walking down the street.

    But now one woman has sparked an online movement that encourages women across the globe to call out their harassers in the most brilliant way.  

    After being harassed by a man in CVS last Saturday morning, the woman (named CJ) took to Twitter under her handle @MissBlackAwareness:

    ‘He blocked me from walking to the register when I was ignoring him in CVS and we’ve been together since that day!’ – NO WOMAN EVER’

    After the response to her first tweet, CJ continued to post satirical responses to male advances, accompanied by the hashtag said #NoWomanEver, leading hundreds of other women to post their own experiences.

    Through the growing movement women have united, tweeting sarcastic, fictional responses to the daily harassment they’ve received from men over the years – whether it’s catcalling, jeering or online aggravation.

    Here are a few of our favourites: the hilarious, poignant and downright shocking…

    ‘I’m not interested in having a #SafeBirth,’ said #NoWomanEver.

    ‘He honked at me while I was walking & yelled out the window. I like the way he wasn’t afraid to tell the world about our love.’ #NoWomanEver

    ‘I really wanna marry the guy who whistled at me from his car’ – said #NoWomanEver.
    ‘When he pulled my earplug outta my ear for not responding? My heart melted’ said #NoWomanEver
    ‘You are so right. I should be grateful for the compliment of still getting cat-called at my age. What was I thinking?!’ said #NoWomanEver
    ‘Being screamed at from cars while I walk home has always made me feel safe, it’s nice to know there are men that care’ said #NoWomanEver
    ‘I was on the fence when he kept talking about my body, but I definitely got his number after he said I was ugly anyway #NoWomanEver
    If you want to get involved, just think up a witty reaction, log into Twitter and voila!

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