This is how much you need to save to become a millionaire

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  • (May also need time travel)

    If you view getting to the top of your overdraft as a windfall, or are relying on the death of a mysterious aunt to leave her fortune to you, then the idea of ever becoming a millionaire may be as miniscule as your bank balance.

    However, there is a way.

    How to grow your business – fast!

    Statistics by the This Is Money website say that if we start saving £10 a day from as soon as we start earning (upwards of £317.70 a month), then we can be millionaires by the time we’re 69.

    However, if you don’t fancy travelling back however many years ago to that babysitting job, or stint in the cattery, you can start doing it with just a tenner now, if you can find a savings account with decent interest rates.

    Alternatively, the site recommends that you could just withdraw £10 a day and store it somewhere safe. Sure, you might not be diving into seas of gold coins Scrooge McDuck style, but you’ll certainly have a nice safety net. Visit here to use their nifty little app.

    There are however, other ways to start saving money and see the results on your bank statements immediately.

    Creative ways to leave money without leaving the house

    For instance, according to research by Visa Contactless, workers spend on average £10.59 a day on coffee, food and snacks – excluding holidays and weekends – tallying up to £2,541 a year.

    Worryingly, we genuinely don’t know if we can give up our morning double shots of coffee for that. Sorry, future us.

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