This 90-year-old woman is giving us a lesson in bikini body confidence

Because every body is beautiful

bikini body
bikini body

Because every body is beautiful

In case you actually needed reminding, every single body is beautiful. No matter its size, no matter its shape.

And one brilliant woman is single-handedly proving it doesn’t matter how old it is either. It’s still beautiful.

A photograph of a 90-year-old grandmother called Irene has struck a chord with Facebook users. And it’s not hard to see why.

The pic was shared by the owner of New South Wales swimwear shop Lady Watego where Irene is said to have bought her sassy bikini from, and has received nothing but positive feedback.

According to reports Irene was urged by staff at the nursing home where she lives to purchase the red and white polka dot two-piece ahead of a cruise ship holiday with her family.

‘She looks absolutely beautiful,’ one commenter noted.

One woman said: ‘You go girl!!!! Cart me out in a box they day I'm too old to wear a bikini!!’

‘I can only hope I look that fabulous when I am 90,’ wrote another.

But our feelings were summed up perfectly by one woman who wrote: ‘Loving the attitude of this lady. A great example of loving yourself for who you are. You rock it and are an inspiration to many.’

The post was spotted by Irene’s daughter Helen who responded to all the comments saying: ‘I had the pleasure of escorting my mother Irene Kearney from Ballina on the cruise. Thank you to you all for all these lovely comments. I feel so proud of my mother. What an inspiration she is!’

So what’s the knack to achieving that perfect bikini body? Simply putting a bikini on your body!

Irene is our new body confidence hero and is certainly teaching us an important lesson in self-acceptance and what it really means to be beautiful.

Will you still be rocking a two-piece in your 90s?

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