The New Summer Camp Which Weans Adults Off Social Media

California's Camp Grounded is a new 'digital detoxing' experience

Woman texting
Woman texting
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California's Camp Grounded is a new 'digital detoxing' experience

We're always on social media these days and it can be hard to switch off and connect face-to-face with our family and friends.

Now, help is at hand for all social media-addicted adults in the form of a new summer camp based in California, where the only status you will update is 'your happiness'.

Camp Grounded in California's Anderson Valley provides a 'digital detoxing' experience for four days, with campers stripped of all technology, including phones, tablets and computers, and being made to use nicknames to avoid using the camp as an opportunity to network.

Instead of relying on the internet to have fun, campers will do team-building and traditional activities including archery and arts and crafts.

The $340 retreat was started by company The Digital Detox, who hope their camp will help 200 people return to a simpler way of life.

Speaking to Mashable, Ben Hanna, partner at the company, said: 'We really hope people reconnect with themselves.

'Part of what we want to do is give people this ability to kind of dive deep into something that they haven't really done.

'When you were a kid, your life was not dominated by the technology that it is now. We want to take people back to that easy state of living where their only concern is "what's the next activity that I'm going to right now and what's going to be the next fun thing?"'

The first event, which runs from June 14-17 is sold out, but there will be more events in the future.

Would you go to a digital detoxing summer camp? How do you switch off and reconnect? Let us know in the comments below.



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