The fashion item that changed the way I dressed forever

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    Clothes don’t change you, but they can give you a major boost in the confidence department. It doesn’t matter if they’re designer or high street, printed or plain. Finding a winning piece can change everything. Four Marie Claire writers share the discovery that changed their relationship with fashion.

    The Jacket
    Gill, 28, digital fashion writer
    I fell in love with my leather jacket in a vintage shop in Manchester. I ended up spending all the money I had on it and drinking tap water at every bar until my student loan came, but it was worth it. It’s had drinks spilled on it, protected me from pouring rain and been spritzed with a million different perfumes. It’s scratched and battered, and yet every year I have it just seems to make it more perfect.
    The Dress
    Rebecca, 25, digital writer
    When I bought the red dress I was feeling bad about myself. I’d gained weight and I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror, so shopping wasn’t happening. But it looked so great on the hanger I couldn’t resist, and I’m so glad. It’s the most flattering thing I’ve ever worn and it totally changed how I felt. Not only that but it taught me to love clothes again.

    The Shoes

    Holly, 30, deputy digital editor
    My mum hates my boots. I think if she could have world peace or burn my boots, she’d burn them. But I love them. They were in the cellar at my grandma’s house, I think they’re vintage, though my Gran claims someone left them in the 00’s. Either way, I got hold of them and I felt like a new person. Any outfit becomes an avant garde look when I wear the boots. Put simply, they’re the Beyoncé of boots.

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