Here's why Princess Eugenie apparently won't be signing a prenup

And it's for the same reason as Prince Harry.

(Image credit: REX)

And it's for the same reason as Prince Harry.

Words by Roisin Kelly

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank haven’t revealed much about their upcoming wedding, but we know this much: the couple won’t be signing a prenup.

Despite being a part of one of the richest families in the world (the Royal Family has an estimated net worth of £68 billion) and boasting her own fortune of around £3.6million, it turns out Eugenie won’t need to protect her assets.

According to royal expert and author Katie Nicholl, the majority of the family’s fortune and property belong solely to the Queen; meaning prenuptial agreements just aren’t the done thing in the Royal Family. In fact, despite three out of four of the Queen’s children going through a divorce, none of them signed a prenup and neither has Prince William nor Prince Harry.

Aside from prenuptial agreements not being very romantic, there’s also the fact they aren’t actually legally binding in the UK - although Judges do usually take them into account when overseeing proceedings. If the couple were to split, the specifics would be handled discreetly behind closed doors, outside of the courtroom.

So, although we may think it would be sensible for Eugenie to defend her trust fund, it would technically be a breach of royal protocol and might not even count in court anyway.

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