New photo similar to Madeleine McCann taken in Morocco

Could this photo - taken just a few weeks ago - be missing Madeleine McCann?

Marie Claire news: Madeleine McCann
Marie Claire news: Madeleine McCann

Could this photo - taken just a few weeks ago - be missing Madeleine McCann?

A PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN from a distance of a girl in Morocco with similar features to Madeleine McCann was published last night, generating new impetus in the search for her.

The photograph was taken on 31 August by a Spanish tourist and handed to the McCanns' lawyers yesterday morning, prompting Gerry and Kate McCann to call for a full investigation.

The picture shows a young fair-skinned, blonde girl being carried on a Moroccan woman's back near the northern town of Zinat. It is the fourth reported sighting of a girl fitting Madeleine's description in Morocco since she disappeared on 3 May, but the first published picture.

Clara Torres, who took the photograph, said: 'We were going from Chaouen to Tetuan and I was taking photos of everything we saw, and as soon as I took this photo we were struck by the little girl, who was very blonde.'

She added: 'When we downloaded the photo and saw it, we realised yes, it could be her. It sent shivers down my spine. Although it's not 100% certain, there's a strong possibility it could be Madeleine.'

Clarence Mitchell, a spokesman for the McCanns said: 'The picture poses serious questions. Kate and Gerry are naturally keen for it to be thoroughly investigated as quickly as possible.'

The photograph is now expected to be analysed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre using face-mapping technology.

A spokesman for the Spanish government said last night: 'The police are taking the claim seriously enough to have sent it on to their colleagues at Interpol.'

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