These New Diverse Barbie Dolls Are Finally Starting To Reflect Real Women…

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  • Is this progress? It's certainly a step in the right direction...

    It may have taken her longer than most, but we’re guessing that after reading Caitlin Moran’s ‘How To be A Woman’ our childhood icon has finally realised it’s okay to wear flats if she wants. Welcome to 2015, Barbie!

    The landmark transformation doesn’t end there. Toy company Mattel is also tackling diversity with their new range of Barbie dolls titled ‘Fashionistas’. Gone are the days where young girls are forced to identify with slim, blonde-haired and blue eyed dolls that, for far too long, have failed to truly represent women in a realistic and obtainable light.

    According to reports there will be 23 new lifelike dolls in total: acknowledging different body shapes and heights. To be even more precise: 18 different eye colours, 23 hair shades and – most groundbreakingly of all – eight different skin tones.

    About time too, we say.

    The same goes for footwear. After nearly 60 years of tottering around town in uncomfortable heels (Barbie was first launched in 1959), Barbie is all set to join the flats-generation with a range of stylish shoes designed by British shoe designer Sophia Webster.

    Gone are the pink stilettos and firmly in their place are hi-tops that wouldn’t look out-of-place in a pop-up cat cafe in east London.

    BUT WAIT: They come in adult sizes too. Launching this month in Selfridges and on Sophia Webster’s own website, the collection’s nine styles include: six for adults, including two pairs of trainers and one pair of flat sandals.

    So, what’s next for Barbie? Well, we couldn’t help but notice that out of the 23 dolls only one is rocking a pair of trousers. We’re totally on board with Barbie attempting a Bianca Jagger style white trouser suit.

    You can have that one for free, Mattel.

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