London Transport Is The Most Expensive In The World

Do you think we pay too much for the Tube?

London Tube fares
London Tube fares
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Do you think we pay too much for the Tube?

This news isn’t going to come as a shock to anyone who’s had to buy a Travelcard in the last few years.

New research has found that London is the most expensive city in the world when it comes to public transport. 

The report, carried out by prospective London mayoral candidate Dame Tessa Jowell’s team, found that out of the world’s top 20 cities with a metro system the Tube is far and away the priciest.

Londoners pay three times as much as New Yorkers do for their subway, which is 24 hours, and four times as much as Parisians for using the Metro.

In fact, London is at least twice as expensive as all the other cities on the list except Washington D.C.

A single Tube trip from zones one to six costs £5.10 when you pay with your Oyster card, while a monthly Travelcard for the same zones costs a whopping £225.10.

That’s compared with NYC, where a 30 day unlimited travel Metrocard costs $116.50, which equates to around £75.

Dame Jowell has promised to put a freeze on transport fares if she succeeds current mayor Boris Johnson, echoing fellow Labour hopeful Diane Abbott who last year called for a four year freeze on the cost of public transport in London.

“London is now the most congested city in Europe. That is bad for London’s economy and bad for health,” claimed Jowell.

“More affordable public transport is therefore important for many interconnected reasons. It’s time Londoners are given a break from ever-rising prices.”

The news comes in the same week that Labour leader candidate Jeremy Corbyn sparked controversy when he said he would be open to women-only carriages on public transport in the UK in an attempt to combat sexual assault.

Do you think the Tube is too expensive?

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