23 food names you’ve been pronouncing wrong your whole life

No more pointing at the menu and hoping for the best

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant and second guessed your order because you’re not sure how to pronounce the main ingredient, then we’re here for you.

We’ve all felt the shame of muttering ‘chorizo’ into the menu, not knowing whether to go for ‘chor-ee-tho’ and sound pretentious, or ‘chor-it-so’ and sound uncultured. Whether it’s Mexican, French, Greek or Thai, there’s always a difficult word waiting to trip you up.

Luckily, the Co-op and the Oxford English Dictionary have put together a list of the most tricky food names to pronounce. A spot of revision before you go out for dinner and you’ll never have to wordlessly point at what you want on the menu again. 
Espresso: Es-Press-Oh

Sriracha: See-Rah-Cha
Halloumi: Ha-Loo-Mee
Prosciutto:  Pro-shoo-toh
Bouillabaisse: Boul-La-Baiss
Tzatziki:  Tsat-sih-kee
Quinoa:  Keen-wah
Parmigiano Reggiano : Par-mee-Jah-No Red-Jah-No
Rioja: Ree-oh-hah
Jalepeno: Hal-Ahh-Peen-Yeoh
Chipotle: Chee-Poat-Lay
Gnocchi: Nock-ee
Edamame: Eda-mah-may
Ceviche: Seh-vee-shay
Bouillon: Bo-yon
Acai: Ah-sigh-ee
Manchego: Mahn-chay-go
Maraschino: Ma-ra-skeen-oh
Niçoise: Nee-swas
Crudites: Crew-dee-tay
Habanero: Habe-a-ne-reu
Anise: An-is
Guacamole: Gwuh-wac-uh-mo-lee
So there you go, you’re a pronunciation master. Just make sure you don’t start correcting other people when they say things wrong – no-one wants to be that person. 

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