Girl Guides Lend Support To No More Page 3 Campaign

Organisation wrote letter to Sun ed Dominic Mohan

No more page 3 CAMPAIGN
No more page 3 CAMPAIGN
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Organisation wrote letter to Sun ed Dominic Mohan

The Girl Guides are the latest organisation to sign a petition urging The Sun newspaper to stop publishing topless photos of women on Page 3.

The Sun’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, recently hinted that he might consider ending the Page 3 tradition and Girlguiding UK hopes their actions will encourage him to finally end the objectification of women in his newspaper.

After signing the petition, which already had almost 90,000 signatures, the Girl Guides wrote an open letter to The Sun’s editor, Dominic Mohan, saying: 'We know that The Sun is a family newspaper. Anyone can pick it up, turn to Page 3, and think that it is normal for young women to be treated as objects. We feel this is just wrong and has to stop.

'As a young woman in UK society, it is impossible to nurture your ambitions if you are constantly told that you are not the same as your male equivalent. This is what Page 3 does. It is disrespectful and embarrassing.

'We would like The Sun, as a leading UK newspaper, to promote positive role models to inspire girls and young women and help everyone to understand that women are never for sale.

'We hope that the voice of Girlguiding members, combined with the rest of the signatories on the No More Page 3 petition, will convince you to finally take bare boobs out of The Sun.'

The No More Page 3 campaign was started last year by Lucy Holmes, after she realized that the largest images of women in The Sun were of topless models, even on the day after Jessica Ennis won a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics.

Katie Wormald, 17, a senior Guide told The Telegraph newspaper: 'A poll we did recently of our members showed that two thirds of them believe that women are still judged more on their looks than their ability and this needs to change.'

What do you think of the No More Page 3 campaign? Let us know in the comments below.


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