Gender-based violence protestors in Mexico say 'women are disappearing'

A shocking statistic reveals 10 women in Mexico are killed every day


A shocking statistic reveals 10 women in Mexico are killed every day

Women in Mexico are angry - and with good reason. 10 'femicides' - the killing of women - take place in the country every single day, showing gender-based violence at an all time high.

On Monday, millions of women in Mexico stayed away from their offices and schools in a one day protest - trending on social media under the hashtag #adaywithoutus - to show how different life would be without them.

‘Women are disappearing. They are raped, mutilated, burned and found in water systems for breaking off a relationship – I don’t think that’s fair’, a woman told the BBC. Lawyer Viviana Mendez added, 'What are they going to do without us if they are killing us?'

A smoke torch is seen during a protest on International Women's Day in Mexico City (Getty Images)

The protest followed mass demonstrations against gender-based violence that saw hundreds of thousands take to the streets in Mexico City on International Women's Day on Sunday March 8. About 80,000 people took to the streets, and the rally began peacefully. Later, police said some groups threw petrol bombs and officers responded with tear gas - and more than 60 people were injured. Protestors also clashed with anti-abortion campaigners who turned out to protest against the weekend march.

Few women could be seen on public transport, in major shopping areas or in restaurants and cafes. Many schools were closed as a result of the protest and female students boycotted university lectures. Women who did choose to work wore purple ribbons or clothing to express solidarity with the action.

Police are currently investigating more than 700 cases of 'femicide', but women are frustrated about the lack of action being taken from the government. Gender-based violence has long been an issue in Mexico, and in Argentina and Chile people also took to the streets to protest.

Enough is enough, this figure has to change.

Thousands of women took to the streets in protest against gender-based violence in the country (Getty Images)

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