This Is The Story Behind That 'Tripped And Fell' Rape Ruling

The millionnaire Ehsan Abdulaziz was just declared innocent of sexual assault


The millionnaire Ehsan Abdulaziz was just declared innocent of sexual assault

Yesterday, the news broke that millionnaire Ehsan Abdulaziz was cleared of a rape charge because the jury accepted that the teenage girl took Abdulaziz's hands (which were covered in his semen), and forced one of his hands onto her vagina. It was also accepted that he may have tripped while his penis was hanging out of his boxers, and fell onto an 18 year old - possibly penetrating her in the process. And it was ruled that he was innocent of sexual assault.

These are the facts surrounding the case:

- Abdulaziz is 46, and a Saudi Arabian millionnaire. He was out drinking in Cirque Le Soir in west London, when he invited two women (one aged 24, one aged 18) to join him at his private table (which, incidentally, comes with a minimum spend of a pocket-money-friendly £1000).

- After drinking together, Abdulaziz and the two women headed back to his flat in Maida Vale. He had sex with the 24 year old, who he knew.

- After having sex with the 24 year old, he went downstairs to offer the 18 year old a t-shirt, or call her a taxi home.

- The 18 year old reportedly claims that she was asleep on the sofa when she woke up to find Adbulaziz on top of her, as he forced his penis inside her.

- Abdulaziz says her claims are groundless. He says that the teenager put her hands around the back of his head, and pulled him towards her - pushing his hands on her vagina, and causing him to lose his balance. 'I’m fragile,' he said. 'I fell down but nothing ever happened, between me and this girl nothing ever happened.'

- Abdulaziz's lawyer argued that the 18 year old made up the rape claims, because she was embarrassed that he didn't want to have sex with her.

- The lawyer also argued that the sperm - which was found in the teenager's vagina - must have either come from Abdulaziz's hands, because he had sex with the 24 year old earlier in the night, or from his penis, which (as we've already mentioned) may have been poking out of his pants when he 'fell' on her. The jury accepted this version of events.

- As part of the trial, the judge allowed Abdulaziz to give 20 minutes of evidence in private. We don't know what was brought to light during this 20 minute period.

- The millionnaire was subsequently found 'not guilty'.

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