Nancy Pelosi just ripped up Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech while he was speaking

What does it all mean?

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What does it all mean?

You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard of Nancy Pelosi - especially in recent months.

The 79-year-old Democratic Party politician is currently serving as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, becoming the first woman in history to hold the position.

Nancy has made many-a headline this past year for calling out President Donald Trump, and last year, announcing his impeachment trial.

This week was no exception as Pelosi made a huge political statement.

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Following the President’s divisive State of the Union speech, and his appearing to reject a handshake from Nancy Pelosi, the speaker concluded the event by tearing up her copy of Trump’s speech behind him.

Yes, as Donald Trump finished his speech, Nancy Pelosi stood up and publicly ripped up her copy of the President’s speech.

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Later releasing a statement about her actions, Nancy stated that Trump’s State of the Union represented a ‘manifesto of mistruths’.

‘We are always hopeful when a President makes a State of the Union address,’ the Speaker explained. ‘ We welcome any opportunity to extend the hand of friendship to find common ground on behalf of the American people.

‘The issue of major concern to most Americans is health care. Tonight, House Democrats brought scores of guests to the State of the Union who have powerful health care stories, whether it is families with pre-existing conditions, families struggling to afford the prescription drugs they need, or families relying on Medicaid even though they have private insurance. We had been told the President would have a positive message on health care.

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‘However, President Trump’s address tonight gave no comfort to the 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions or the families struggling to afford the prescription drugs they need. Once again, President Trump was not truthful about his actions in court to destroy pre-existing condition protections.’

She later continued: ‘The manifesto of mistruths presented in page after page of the address tonight should be a call to action for everyone who expects truth from the President and policies worthy of his office and the American people. The American people expect and deserve a President to have integrity and respect for the aspirations for their children.’

Preach, Nancy Pelosi!

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