Brits work more than nine hours a day

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  • Forget the nine to five, most British employees start the day at 8.09am and don't leave the office until 5.22pm

    According to new research, the average office employee works more than nine hours a day, with a lunch break of less than half an hour long.

    The study of 2,000 employees, conducted by Mars Drinks UK, found that the average worker leaves home at 7.49am and typically arrives in the office by 8.09am, before embarking on a working day of nine hours and 13 minutes, with a 28-minute lunch break.

    ‘Our results show that we are working longer hours than ever before, but this has not dented our enjoyment of the job,’ says Jenni Morgan of Mars Drinks UK.

    ‘It is also very interesting to learn that we are, on the whole, a very agreeable lot who prefer to get along with colleagues and bossesrather than spend the day arguingand moaning.’

    Computer breakdowns were found to be the biggest annoyance in the office, shortly followed by pens going missing and colleagues failing to make their fair share of tea and coffee.

    Workers typically leave their desks around 5.22pm for their commute home, which often takes more than half an hour.


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