Can we talk about the gender pay gap in Boris Johnson’s cabinet?

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  • It's 2019

    Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in July, assuming the role after winning a divisive conservative leadership race, following Theresa May’s resignation.

    His appointment is a controversial one, with numerous ministers stepping down from their positions in protest, from Sir Alan Duncan to Philip Hammond. And following Johnson’s recent decision to suspend parliament, people have been taking to the streets in protest.

    But it’s not just the effects he’s having outside of No.10 that is making news this week, it’s also how he’s running his own cabinet, with it emerging that Boris Johnson’s cabinet has a worrying gender pay gap.

    Yes, Boris Johnson’s government needs a serious looking at, with it revealed recently by Buzzfeed News that less than one third of its advisors are women. And not only this, the majority of female advisors who have made it in are reportedly in the lowest pay band.

    This is reportedly leading some of his female aides to appeal, with BuzzFeed News revealing that one is even threatening to take the government to an employment tribunal.

    According to the report, only 30 of the near 100 appointed special advisors are women, with less than eight of those being in the top two pay bands. One advisor is even reported to have claimed that some of the new female special advisors are being paid less than the male senior advisors before them in Theresa May’s government.

    It has been reported by Buzzfeed that despite acknowledging staff’s concerns over the gender pay gap, Number 10 Downing Street’s head of staff, Dominic Cummings, has denied that there is an issue.

    How is this not being talked about more?

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