Road To Beauty: What Girl Power In Brazil Taught Me…

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  • For Louise B, beauty is fundamentally all about a woman's independence.

    What Does ‘Being Beautiful’ Mean To You?
    Being beautiful today means, first of all, being free to lead your life the way you want to lead it. Of course, to achieve that, you first have to be independent.

    How Do Brazilian Women Express Their Beauty?
    In Rio, Brazilian women express their beauty through their easy relationship with their bodies. It’s completely obvious and totally fascinated me, with all the absurdities that go with it. To me, beauty is all about being authentic.

    What Beauty Lesson Will You Take Home From This Trip?
    I loved the realness of the women we met in different regions in Brazil. They were genuine and very true to themselves, and the way they led their lives reflected who there are deep down.

    Did You Find Beauty In Unexpected Places?
    The women’s village, in Noiva do Cordeiro, revealed a side of beauty that deeply surprised me. There, I discovered ordinary women doing extraordinary things. I especially remember one of them, who was a Lady Gaga fan. Whenever she had an occasion to do so, in the evening, after the day’s work in the field, she would perform an astonishing imitation of the singer. She was living her passion to the fullest, and the other women encouraged her with kindness and compassion.


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