Packaging Promise: Meet the PR firm demanding sustainable change in the beauty industry

This new initiative is demanding other companies to rethink their packaging useage

This new initiative is demanding other companies to rethink their packaging useage

The world is waking up to the need to rethink our material consumption, looking for ways to make our beauty routine more sustainable and recycle beauty products properly.

Founded by beauty, wellbeing and design agency PuRe PR, the new Packaging Promise initiative is encouraging other PR agencies to rethink their packaging and make more mindful choices when it comes to new launches and mailers. The brand has committed to adding nothing for the sake of it and use no single-use plastics – and now urge other companies to follow suit.

Below, PuRe co-founder Kelly Marks tells us more...

What was the turning point when you knew something needed to change in the industry?

'We've always been mindful of protecting the planet. Our very first office over 20 years ago was powered with sustainable energy and 15 years ago we introduced our Purer division to work with cleaner, greener brands that do good or give back.

'The beauty landscape is increasing competitive with so many new launches and seasonal releases. It isn't unusual for beauty content creators to receive in the region of a few hundred individual deliveries in week; protected with bubble wrap, garnished with ribbons and wrapped in plastic. It was a natural progression for us to look at the way mailers are sent and how they can be stripped back to reduce waste packaging.'

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How long did it take for Pure to make the change?

'Once we had made the decision it was a case of researching packaging options and designing boxes that are 100% recycled and recyclable. We shred our daily newspapers and magazines and use these as box filler and have upgraded the box with a peel able seal.

'We have had great feedback from the PR world, and the next step is getting other agencies and inhouse teams on board.'

What’s a good starting point for brands/companies?

'Think about how you can reduce your packaging, and if you're ready to commit, log onto - we have a stamp for senders and receivers to use and together we can help make a big difference.'

Is there a next phase for the Packaging Promise?

'We have just launched Packaging Promise boxes, where brands and agencies can order our ready designed recyclable and reusable boxes with their own logo.

'We're working hard to reach our mission, after all, we are firm believers that Over Packaging is Rubbish.'

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