British women look in mirror 71 times a day

British women look in mirror up to 71 times a day

Beauty face
Beauty face

British women look in mirror up to 71 times a day

YOU'RE SO VAIN – well, we all are apparently according to a new survey which says British women look in the mirror up to 71 times a day.

In our constant struggle to live up to glamorous celebrity women, it would seem some of us are taking things one step too far.

The survey of around 2,000 men and women commissioned by make-up firm Transformulas International, found that many cannot go for more than half an hour without a quick look in the mirror.

And in some parts of the country, women admitted to checking their appearance up to 71 times a day.

Nationally men check their face 27 times on average each day, against 34 times for women.

Liverpool was named the vainest city with 71 check ups in a day, whilst London came second followed by Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, Birmingham and Belfast.

The survey also revealed that women reapplied their lipstick and make-up a staggering 11 times a day.

Rosalind Chapman, of make-up firm Transformulas International said: 'British people often get criticised for not being as image conscious as our European counterparts but this survey is the proof that we love to check our appearance and look good.'

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