The salary for Facebook interns will make you want to quit your job

You hiring, Mark Zuckerberg?


You hiring, Mark Zuckerberg?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Forget everything you've ever been told about how much other people earn. Don't get caught up with what people are actually earning across the UK, and don't even bother checking this list to see how much we are 'supposed' to be earning at every age.

Forget it all, pack up your bags and go and work for Facebook.

No, seriously. We've found out how much the social media giant pays their interns and it will probably make you a little bit sick.

Before the big reveal, we'll give you a minute to think about your interning days. Just remember all those hours of unpaid work you did post-university in the hope that one day you would actually make some money from doing the thing you love.

Think of all those coffee runs you did to keep the office happy on the off chance they'd appreciate how amazingly fast you are at nipping to Starbucks, and then invite you back to do more free work.

According to Glassdoor big tech and social media companies are not just paying their interns, but they're paying them big bucks. The best paid internships in the US at the moment are those at Apple, Google and Microsoft, but Facebook tops the list by offering their interns an eye-watering $8,000 per month. PER MONTH. That works out at around £6,175, FYI.

Take a look at the full list and get ready to curse everyone who told you that trying for a job in technology or IT was a waste of time.

Best Paid Interns 2017

  1. Facebook - $8,000/£6,175
  2. Microsoft - $7,100/£5,483
  3. Salesforce - $6,450/£4,981
  4. Amazon - $6,400/£4,943
  5. Apple - $6,400/£4,943
  6. Bloomberg - $6,400/£4,943
  7. Yelp - $6,400/£4,943
  8. Yahoo - $6,080/£4,696
  9. VMware - $6,080/£4,696
  10. Google - $6,000/£4,632

We're trying really hard not to think about the fact that we've got £30 to last until payday...

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