Young women would prefer to run their own business than climb corporate ladder

Survey shows more women want to 'have it all' as a fifth of young women want to work for themselves

Young woman in suit
Young woman in suit
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Survey shows more women want to 'have it all' as a fifth of young women want to work for themselves

More young women want to run their own businesses than become a CEO, a survey bythe Telegraph newspaper and jobs search firm Adzuna has revealed.

The poll of 1,000 young people showed one fifth wanted to run their own business one day, yet only three per cent wished to become the CEO of a company.

It also showed fewer women than men were willing to let their partner stay at home with the kids while they went out to work - suggesting women wanted to have it all by having a family and a successful career.

This comes after Christine Lagarde, the female head of the IMF, warned that women could not have it all without there being problems.

Andrew Hunter, Adzuna's co-founder, says 'The recession seems to have inspired both men and women in the younger generation to pursue making their own money and the freedom of working for themselves, rather than rely on promotions in the corporate world which are few and far between.'

He added the prospect of climbing the career ladder appears to be going out of fashion post-recession.

The recession may have inspired a generation of entrepreneurs but could be damaging the corporate world which is struggling to attract the most talented young people, warns Hunter.

Marie Claire's recent working women survey showed women are more ambitious than their partners.


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