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This proposed law would make job interviewing so much easier

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    Everyone’s been there – you head off to a job interview, think you’ve done relatively okay and then days later you’re sent a cookie cutter rejection email. Sometimes, you don’t even hear back at all. New research has shown that (unsurprisingly) people want post-interview feedback and are even willing to get the government involved.

    A survey conducted by Debut, a careers app aimed at students and graduates, asked 1000 Brits aged 18-23 about their personal job application experiences. The research showed that four out of five people have never received feedback after a face-to-face interview and that 77% believe that it should be a legal requirement for employers to provide it preferably via email.

    job interview feedback

    The study also looked into the hidden costs of a job interview and the pursuit of greener pastures is an expensive one. People on average will spend £41 on an in-person interview, which includes things like transport and buying an appropriate outfit. If you’re unemployed or fresh out of university, that money can really rack up. Given that over half of employed candidates will use up a day of annual leave to attend an interview, they also see a hefty £117 loss based on the national daily wage.

    job interview feedback

    With all this time, money and effort being poured into job hunting, it’s no surprise that people really want post-interview feedback to make sure they nail the next one. In response, a new campaign called #FightForFeedback backed by big name companies such as 02, Fujitsu, Network Rail and more has come into the limelight to help make the legal requirement a reality. The petition aims to raise 3000 signatures to bring the issue to the attention of Damian Hinds, the Minister for Department of Work and Pensions.

    Melissa Amouzandeh of Network Rail said, ‘It’s the responsibility of the employer to share feedback, not only to help the candidate develop, but also in the interest of the UK workforce – good quality feedback reduces the time it takes for candidates to secure a position of employment and also reduces the time it takes to find the right person for the role.’

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