7 Foolproof ways to boost your self-esteem

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  • Confidence knocked at work? Comparing yourself to your colleagues? We’ve all been there. So we caught up with Isabel Pollen, Associate Trainer at the Impact Factory and speaker at last year's Marie Claire @WORK LIVE event to talk us through the best ways you can boost your self-esteem…

    1. Stick to the facts
    “If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about a big meeting at work for example it’s really important to stick to the facts of that situation, rather than make up stories in our head about how it could go. Sometimes we attach so much importance of how the meeting might go we often forget to see what is right in front of us.”

    2. Ignore (some) critics
    “We are hard wired for criticism. But the key thing is to seek out feedback from people you really trust and respect. Much like when you were younger – when you had favourite teachers you’d gravitate towards and appreciate their opinion more than anyone else.”

    3. Use nervous energy to your advantage

    “Nerves are often perceived as a negative in our culture, but they can be really useful and channeled towards positive actions and ideas. Nerves can get you into an energised state, but it’s what you do with that adrenaline that matters. Everyone gets nervous – it’s learning how to deal with that and use it positively that’s important.”

    4. Take a techno break
    “The world we live in now sort of emphasizes our technological bubble. Our access to the world through a Tablet means that feeling of being alone is accentuated – more than if we were forced to sit down and talk to one another.”

    5. Don’t compare yourself to others

    “It’s natural to compare yourself to your colleagues – especially if you work in a company with a very structural hierarchy. But try to keep in your mind a clear picture of where you’re at [now] and where you want to be in say five years time for yourself. Take ownership of that – rather than worrying about what stage other people are at.”

    6. Present your best self  
    “Appearance has a big impact on our confidence in a work situation i.e. if we’re meeting a client or in a meeting we never go in underdressed. But crucially, wear what makes you feel authentically you, like you can walk into a room knowing you’re at your best – even if you’ve got the hangover from hell!”

    7. Breathe

    “It seems obvious, but when we feel anxious about something at work our brain goes into a fright or flight mode, and we forget to breathe. But in these moments feeling physically connected to yourself is the most important thing to do.”

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