Your work lunches are costing you more than your annual gas and electricity bill

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  • BRB, making packed lunches for the rest of our working careers now

    I don’t know about you but I budget £5 for my daily work lunches. But, 41% of us never set a budget for that lunch hour spending.

    The reason I do this, and try to stick to it so religiously, is because the thought of spending £100 on work lunches a month makes me feel less guilty than anything over that amount.

    Because, technically, I really could make myself packed lunch. There’s nothing stopping me. But, I admit that thinking about what my food purchase is going to be that day is a motivator for me to get through my morning. Plus, it means I actually leave the office. If I have lunch with me, I’ll eat al desko and air con air will be the only thing I breathe that working day.

    And, we all know that skipping your lunch break means you’re working days for free so it’s imperative to make sure you do something for yourself, albeit, go grab some lunch, or even go for a walk or read a chapter of that book you’ve had in your handbag for weeks.

    According to payday lenders, Wonga, full-time British workers are spending 13% more on lunch than our annual utility bills… Yep, this is on average £957.60 (compared to the average annual gas and electricity bill of £849.74). And that’s before we even add in the expense of that morning coffee or 4PM snack…

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