Tips on boosting your Uber rating from the person actually scoring you

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  • We're on that five star track, baby.

    Rejoice late night revellers and tube haters, Uber London is officially back in business after having their licence renewed. (Well, at least for the next fifteen months as they’re on probation.) All that time we poured into cultivating our Uber rating trying not to throw up in the back of a car at our lowest points now won’t go to waste, though we know some of you might not have been as lucky.

    If your rating leaves something to be desired, we chatted with a female Uber driver to figure out how to achieve that mythical five star rating. She shared ten of her top tips below and to be honest, most of it boils down to common courtesy. When in an Uber and in doubt: just don’t be a dick.

    1. Kick off your heels… but not your trainers

    If you’re wearing vertiginous heels, kicking them off your feet is something that brings some much-needed respite. And that’s fine. But if you’ve got trainers on and you’ve been engaged in some intense exercise…probably best not.

    2. Avoid smelly fast foods

    There’s nothing more satisfying after a night out than some great takeaway stodge. But while you might savour the smell of a massive pepperoni pizza or a big greasy burger, your driver or your fellow Pool passengers might be less keen.

    3. Feeling rubbish is fine, but don’t leave any rubbish

    There’s nothing better when you’re feeling ill and sniffly than ordering an Uber to get you from door to door. But when you’re chasing a five rating, it’s best not to leave big snotty tissues on the seats, and the same goes for any rubbish you might generate on your trip.

    4. Tell your driver if you’re planning on a backseat beauty routine

    It’s understandable if you’re in a hurry and plan to do your grooming and makeup in the car, but if you’re planning on getting through a full beauty routine – say so. That way extra care can be taken to avoid potholes and lane changes.

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    5. Save the row for somewhere else

    It’s the end of the night and your friends or your partner have enraged you for the whole evening and now you’re fuming. Now that you’re in the privacy of the car, it’s your time to unleash a verbal tirade… but not if you want a five-star rating. Little tiffs can be funny, but blazing rows are best saved for somewhere else. And avoid the potty-mouth. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your Nan, best not say it at all.

    6. Nobody likes a Whatsapp Warrior

    Everyone’s glued to their phones 24/7, and while that’s great for ordering your Uber, put it down once you’re in the car and be friendly! Those group chat memes aren’t going anywhere, so take a valuable break from the screen, look out of the window and enjoy the views on your journey… or even – GULP! – chat to your driver and ask them about their day.

    7. This isn’t the time to rehearse your DJ set

    Look, you might think your playlist is amazing, but how would you like it playing so loudly your eyeballs actually shake? Didn’t think so. Please ask if it’s alright to plug your music in and save the singing for the shower. That way, everyone’s happy.

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    8. Gently close the door

    You’re not a teenager and you’ve not just had a fight with your Mum, so there’s really no need to slam the door. It’s one of the most common ways to get your rating docked. Practice those good manners and keep things cheerful when you’re getting in and out of the car. Even if you’ve had the day from hell there’s nothing a few classic car tunes can’t solve.

    9. Stick to the number of people that’ll fit in the car

    Squeezing too many people in the car is illegal. If you have a large party, order an UberXL and split the fare so it’s cost effective. For Pool, you can select one or two people, so don’t claim it’s just you if you’ve got a mate coming along. You’ll potentially match with another rider travelling in the same direction, so choosing the right number of people will ensure everyone has a comfortable ride.

    10. Avoid being a backseat driver

    Drivers have satnav to get you where you need to be, and of course we can take into account your preferred route if you mention it at the start of the trip. Don’t forget you can follow your journey on a live map in the app – and you’ll also get a map of your route in your receipt – so you can see the exact route you took.

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