Here’s the question couples wish they asked before moving in together

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    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Every couple is different, and you won’t necessarily follow the average times it takes to get to the usual relationship milestones, particularly when it comes to moving in together. Studies show that men supposedly feel this is the perfect time to make the commitment with their partner, whereas the average woman has a very different timescale in mind.

    But there’s one thing that all couples can agree on – and that’s wishing they had asked this one question before they decided to pack their bags and make the leap.

    Apartment search website decided to find out what that one thing was, and the answer may surprise you.

    They asked 1,000 couples what they wished they had discussed with their significant other before moving in together, and the unanimous winner was deciding how they would split the bills – and a rather surprising 16% said that divying up the utilities was actually the hardest topic to bring up with their other half.

    However, if you’re finding it tricky to talk about the situation before you’ve moved in the chances are that it’s going to be a hugely divisive topic when you eventually do so, as ever, getting it out in the open is key. Although most couples decide to split bills right down the middle, others come up with their own ways of making it completely fair.

    Whatever way you want to do it is absolutely fine, and it varies from couple to couple, but just making sure that you’re clear from the start will ensure you avoid any nasty surprises when you are setting up your home together.

    Because no one needs that on top of the standard Ikea-induced arguments.

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