This percentage of Brits admit technology is affecting their relationship

Addicted to your phone? Read on...


Addicted to your phone? Read on...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Social media is so engrained in our lives that we use it without even noticing. Want your friends to know that you've just had brunch? Post a birds eye view picture of your avocado toast onto Instagram. Want to embarrass your friends with cringey old pics? Resurface them on Facebook so that it comes up on everyone's news feed. Need to remind your other half that you left the house without turning off your straighteners? Ping them a WhatsApp.

As much as it makes our lives more convenient - and has countless times stopped us from burning the house down with hair styling apparatus - we're well aware that it could be negatively impacting our health.

But are you guilty of letting your technology habits affect your relationship?

According to a study by sleep specialist, Time4Sleep, our phone addiction is affecting us in the bedroom. They asked over 1,000 people about how they use technology in order to find out the effect it has on our sleep and relationships.

It revealed that 66% of participants sleep with their phone next to them, with 33% admitting to using Facebook just before nodding off.

However, it's not just our sleeping patterns that are bearing the brunt - 10% of those questioned said that having a phone in the bedroom affects their relationship with their partner. Why? Reasons included talking less and not paying each other enough attention, as well as being distracted by their phones and arguing because of it.

Jonathan Warren, Director at Time4Sleep, said: 'Our research findings reveal some rather shocking trends about how our technology habits are affecting our lifestyles. It seems that, as a nation, we are addicted to technology but it is important to ensure that our phones do not have a negative impact on our lives.

'If you think your quality of sleep, or your relationship, is being affected by your technology habits, it may be time to start making some changes. Introducing a tech ban, or just cutting down on your phone usage while in the bedroom, could really benefit you.'

Considering that 34% also admitted they can't even go to the toilet without bringing their phone with them, we think he's got a point.

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