9 Spine-Tingling Love Scenes We’re Still Hoping Might Happen In Real Life

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  • Call us romantic but we can't help hoping that one day we'll be swept off our feet by Ryan Gosling in a dripping wet shirt, or seduced by a fresh faced Leonardo DiCaprio on a boat (minus the tragic end, of course). Over the top? A girl can dream...

    1. Jerry Maguire

    “You had me at hello,” caused pretty much every woman with a vaguely romantic bone in her body to weep with joy after Tom Cruise delivered his tender speech to his one true love, and she forgave him. We’re not saying we want our partners to step out of line, but if they do, this will be a very sufficient make up speech. 

    2. Pride And Prejudice

    Mr Darcy is the arguably the ultimate literary heartthrob. Is it his frosty nature? His frustratingly cold actions? Either way, all we need is an English countryside and Keira Knightley’s seductive pout to ensure our mysterious handsome stranger makes an appearance, right?
    3. The Notebook

    We’d embrace the anger, the resentment, the passionate argument, heck even torrential downpour of this heated scene if we got to plant our mouth on Ryan Gosling’s juicy lips in one of the most hot-blooded movie moments of the century.

    4. Dirty Dancing

    What girl doesn’t dream of recreating this steamy dance scene with a tanned, toned and topless Patrick Swayze? If only we could move like Baby…

    5. Titanic

    Oh Titanic, how you totally smashed our hearts to pieces. We do forgive you though for giving us this iconic “I’m flying” moment – one that has no doubt already been mimicked time and time again. Now all we need is for someone to book us a romantic cruise…
    6. Sleepless In Seattle

    Following your heart to the top of the Empire State Building to meet your destined soulmate (and his totally adorable son) for the first time is romantic madness in its absolute. But that hasn’t stopped us from frantically searching the top floor of the Shard for ours on occasion.
    7. Never Been Kissed

    We’ve all had our teenage Josie Grossie moments (although they’re tightly locked in a tiny box with not a key in sight) but we’re almost inclined to regress back to those terribly awkward times just to experience exactly what Drew does on that football field…
    8. Ghost

    Patrick Swayze removes his top for the second time (can you see a pattern here) for this corker of a scene. Want to play copycat? You need a pottery wheel, a warehouse apartment in Manhattan and The Righteous Brothers’ ‘Unchained Melody’ on repeat.

    9. 10 Things I Hate About You

    Hearts melted worldwide when a freckle-faced Heath Ledger shunned his bad boy image to sweetly serenade Julia Stiles from the steps of her school playing field in this 90s chick flick. Sure guys, we like the small sweet acts of kindness you occasionally bestow on us, but a big old grand gesture wouldn’t go a-miss either.

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