Whole30 Diet: Everything you need to know

A 30 day detox compromising of no booze, sugar or refined foods. We put it to the test...

whole30 diet
whole30 diet

A 30 day detox compromising of no booze, sugar or refined foods. We put it to the test...

What's the Whole30 Diet? 

It's an elimination diet containing very basic foods for 30 days that gives your body a chance to heal and 'reset.' But if you break it - even the tiniest part - you must restart the plan all over again. Sharing meals and success stories on Instagram is how Whole30 dieters stay connected and inspired.

Who's behind the Whole30 diet? 

American couple Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, a personal trainer and sports nutritionist respectively, who founded a health-based website called Whole9, which is popular in the US.

What can I eat on the Whole30 Diet? 

It's similar to The Paleo Diet, meaning you can eat anything you can gather and eat naturally. That includes fruit, lots of veg, meat, seafood plus a selection of nuts and seeds.

So, I can't have any of the good stuff? 

Nope. Booze, anything refined like dairy, grains, corn, legumes and most sugars are out. And, it's worth noting that they need to be eaten in their original form, too. You can't for instance, make pancakes with bananas and eggs, or use beef and eggs to make burgers.

Tester's verdict: 

"It's pretty tough to stick to and makes eating out or socialising tricky, because everything is 'processed' to some degree. But the bonus is that it's only for a month, and I did lose weight. I also noticed my skin was clearer and my energy levels increased. I've kept up some of the habits, like only snacking on fruit or nuts, but I'm not sure I could follow the plan for 30 consecutive days again - it's just too limiting."

Nicola Moyne, Head of Production


This diet is more about wellbeing - by clearing out your system on a 30-day detox you're bound to see positive changes, such as improvements in energy levels, digestion and sleep.


The main drawback is that the food itself can be a little bland. You essentially just assemble raw or plainly cooked foods on a plate - not so yum.

How much weight was lost in three weeks?

"I lost 5lbs in total, and genuinely felt amazing."

Get involved: The Whole30, £18.99, whole30.com 

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