What on earth is the ‘O’ shot?

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  • And will it really make orgasms more enjoyable?

    Still searching for that earth-shattering orgasm? Well you could be in luck because science may have found the solution – just as long as you don’t mind crossing the line into vampirism and risk suffering unknown side effects.
    Steering very far away from the usual herbal tea and exercise solutions, the orgasm shot commonly known as the ‘O’ shot, is a ‘non-invasive’ procedure created to stimulate the vaginal area, making it more receptive to sexual pleasure.
    Whilst that all sounds pretty great on the surface, the procedure is actually quite complicated – consisting of blood platelets being injected into the area near the clitoris and the vaginal opening.

    Yes, we’re serious and we’re now rapidly going off the idea.
    Apparently the injecting of the platelets stimulates the growth of new cells in the vaginal wall making the clitoris more responsive to sexual stimulation.

    It may seem strange that this hasn’t been thought of before but perhaps people have been put off by its clinical nature -the process originating from the medical procedure used to activate unipotent stem cells which self-renew and rejuvenate tissue in the knee.

    Sounds pretty scary. And to add to your fears, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, who approve medical procedures over in the US where the treatment has been developed, haven’t yet evaluated the use of the procedure in the vaginal area. Whilst the kit used has been approved on other parts of the body, its use on the vagina has still not been OK-d – which if we’re honest, isn’t really the body part that we want to be taking risks with.
    As crazy as it sounds, the procedure does supposedly work, with women claiming to have finally climaxed after the procedure, despite having previously struggled. The effects last at least 18 months, and it needs to be performed by a qualified nurse or doctor, but the procedure takes just 20-minutes. It does, however, require a blood sample for the platelet extraction before being injected into the vagina.
    Even more fascinating is that the creator of the ‘O’ shot: Dr Charles Runnels MD is the very same doctor who came up with Kim Kardashian’s infamous ‘blood facial’ (we’re noticing a theme here). Don’t let that put you off, he claims that the process increases sensitivity to stimulation by escalating the tissue growth in the injected area, also making it tighter. ‘There is no foreign body injected and there’s no surgery, it’s just an injection’, he explained.

    But not everyone is sold on this ‘miracle’ cure with doctors claiming it’s a ruse and certain patients reporting no improvement in their sexual experience. ‘There simply has not been adequate research to prove its safety and effectiveness for either orgasmic dysfunction or incontinence’ said Dr Lauren Streicher, a Gynaecologist in Chicago.

    So is it really worth it? For those brave enough to give it a go, keep in mind that doctors have warned women that if done incorrectly the results could be useless or result in something worse, what exactly? Fortunately nobody knows, yet.
    To be honest we think we’ll play it safe, do a Lelo shop and engage in a hefty dose of foreplay instead.

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