Warnings over high salt levels in soup

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  • Some soups sold in popular food chains contain more salt than an adult should eat in an entire day

    They’re supposed to be the saintly option when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, but new research shows that many soups sold in restaurants and cafés contain more salt than an adult’s daily allowance.

    We are supposed to have a maximum of 6g of salt a day, but some soups at Eat food-chain contain more than this in just one serving – the equivalent of three Big Macs and fries.

    Out of the 575 ready-to-eat soups surveyed, a shocking 99% contained more salt per portion than a packet of crisps, and just 6% could be labeled green based on the traffic light labeling system.

    High levels of salt can increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks, says the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash), who carried out the survey.

    Hannah Brinsden, who took part in the research, says: ‘In general, the café-style takeaway soups tend to be saltiest, whereas the fresh soups tend to be lower in salt.

    ‘If you are concerned about how much salt you eat try to avoid soups containing high-salt ingredients such as bacon and chorizo. However, the best option would be to make your own at home.’

    There has been a 17% cut in salt levels overall since Cash carried out a similar survey three years ago, although there is clearly some distance to go.

    Professor Graham MacGregor, of the Barts and the London School of medicine and Dentistry, says: ‘The majority of the food industry is slowly taking out the salt from food, including these soups. We commend the progress so far, however they haven’t gone far enough if we are to save the maximum number of lives.’


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