Push-up bras give women 75 per cent more confidence

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  • A recent study shows that cleavage-enhancing lingerie is uplifting in more ways than one

    Cleavage has just as much power with women as it does men, according to a recent University of Manchester medical study.

    The world-first academic research, led by Geoff Beattie, professor of psychology and former ‘Big Brother’ resident TV psychologist, found that a cleavage-enhancing bra increases a woman’s confidence, prompting Beattie to call for an end to ‘unnecessary boob jobs.’

    ‘It just shows that you don’t have to go under the knife to achieve confidence-boosting killer cleavage,’ said Beattie.

    The study, commissioned by Gossard, analysed 60 video recordings of the female participants, aged 20 to 55, in three interactions, comparing footage of them wearing a push-up bra and their own everyday bra.

    Researchers honed in on the three key micro-behaviours associated with confidence: smiling, eye contact and hand movements.

    When wearing the push-up bra, smiling increased by 73 per cent; self-comforting hand movements, such as wiping the forehead or stroking the chin, a sign of low self-esteem, decreased by 64 per cent; and averting gaze and breaking eye contact decreased by 41 percent.

    Beattie says the study results surpass his expectations and it proves what women wear can positively affect their behaviour.


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