Do you eat all three main meals at your desk?

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  • Survey finds millions of workers are grabbing food to keep them going at the office, and it's leading to weight gain

    One in ten office workers are putting in such long hours they have all main meals at their desks, a survey has found.

    Half eat both breakfast and lunch at work, grabbing it and hurrying back to the office due to tight schedules.

    Of the 10 per cent who say they have all meals at work many say they find themselves hungry by 5pm and then eat a third meal to keep them going into the evening.

    This habit can cause health problems and can lead to weight gain of almost a stone.

    Food company Wonderful Pistachios, who commissioned the study, also recently found many office workers snack regularly, which also contributes to this weight gain.

    Office workers are also not active enough during the day, with the average worker claiming they spend at least 5 hours and 40 minutes of their day completely desk-bound.

    Reasons for this included a lack of time, huge workloads and having to work long days.

    Do you often eat at your desk? Let us know in the comments below.


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