New ‘fat tax’ on soft drinks to keep us slim

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  • Experts say a new 10% 'fax tax' on soft drinks would help to keep us healthy

    Experts say a new 10% ‘fat tax’ on soft drinks would help us to stay healthy.

    By imposing a tax on sugary drinks, such as cola and fizzy sodas, experts believe it would help tackle soaring levels of obesity in the UK.

    The price increase of 10% would aim to drive down sales on soft drinks and persuade consumers to switch to healthier alternatives instead.

    The advice has been published by academics in the British Journal of Nutrition, and also suggests full fat milk should be included in the ‘fat tax’ to prompt buyers to purchase semi-skimmed instead.

    A growing number of countries worldwide have also considered extra taxes in order to drive down sales of ‘unhealthy’ products that contain high levels of saturated fats or sugar.

    Denmark became the first country to set the example, by introducing a tax on foods containing more than 2.3% saturated fat, which prompted David Cameron to suggest using a similar method to tackle Britain’s growing obesity problem.

    France and Finland have also followed suit, taxing sweets and high salted products.

    Researchers have said they hope the tax will reduce the level of sugary drink intake by 7.5ml per person, per day, which could prove effective in minimising the rising medical harm and financial cost to its health service caused by obesity.

    The soft drinks industry has branded the idea as ‘ineffective’, as well as ‘intrusive and unfair’.

    A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘This is one of a number of independent academic papers that looks at the likely impact of taxes on food products. We keep all international evidence under review.’

    Do you think it’s fair that soft drinks could be more expensive? Would a higher price stop you drinking them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below…



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