Is your gym routine causing your sex life to suffer?

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  • We knew going to the gym was a bad idea...

    It seems as though every week we’re finding a new excuse not to go to the gym.

    First we were told that working out in the dark is not a good idea. Then it was revealed that exercising when you’re in a bad mood is actually dangerous for you. And now? Now we’ve just discovered that this popular gym exercise could actually be de-sensitising your vagina from sex. Seriously.

    According to scientific research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, spending too much time on an exercise bike (yep, you guessed correctly) can actually desensitise your vagina to the point where your sexual experiences are weakened.

    The study was conducted back in 2012 and compared a group female runners to female cyclists, who cycled at least 10 miles a week. The results found that particular cycling techniques impacted ‘vaginal and labial sensation’, and we all know what that really means.

    Apparently cyclists who use bikes with handlebars positioned lower than the saddle are likely to suffer from a higher impact of loss of sexual sensation, due to ‘increased perineum saddle pressures’ which predominantly impact the ‘left labial genital sensation’.

    So, what can you do to prevent a de-sensitised labia? In the first instance, you could try investing in some cushioned exercise shorts or a padded seat saddle? Or simply making sure you’re cycling apparatus is set up correctly. We’d also recommend trying out these kamasutra sex positions.

    In somewhat of a silver lining, male cyclists can also suffer from de-sensitising below – and in extreme cases can experience erectile dysfunction. So at least all’s equally unfair.

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