Got a flat bum? You can now blame a medical condition

Guys, Dormant Butt Syndrome is real. And it's serious

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Guys, Dormant Butt Syndrome is real. And it's serious

If you’re notching more squat reps than Beyoncé preparing for tour, and saying your prayers to the gods of Kim Kardashian every night, yet still haven't got the rounded, curvy bum you desire, then there may be an actual medial reason for it.

According to CBS New York, you may be suffering from the stunningly named, Dormant Butt Syndrome. Roughly translated as ‘lazy bum.’

Not only can Dormant Butt Syndrome mean that your derrière remains flatter than perhaps you’d like, it also means that your hips and knees hurt when you exercise.

‘It basically refers to the gluteus maximus or the glute muscles just not functioning as efficiently as they should,’ said Chris Kolba, a physical therapist at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

He explained that the reason Dormant Butt Syndrome can impact the rest of the body is because a weak bum can put extra pressure on the parts around it, making them absorb extra strain.

So what causes this lazy-bummed misery?

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Apparently it's largely down to sitting too much and sleeping in the foetal position. However, fear not – there is a way to prevent some of the damage.

‘Stretching your front of your thigh, stretching your hip flexor, and then doing some exercises to specifically activate the glutes and the lateral hips,’ is a way to rectify this, says Chris.

And for those of us stuck sitting at a desk every day, making our butt more and more dormant, it is suggested we take frequent walks breaks, or get a standing up desk. So, yeah, very practical advice…

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