Facial features tell partner type

Why you should avoid men with square jaws if you want to settle down

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Why you should avoid men with square jaws if you want to settle down

How can we tell if a potential partner is in it for the long haul? By the shape of their face, according to new research.

A study has suggested we can judge a person's approach to a relationship by their facial features alone.

According to the research men with square jaws, prominent noses and small eyes, like Brad Pitt, were seen as less committed by women.

Meanwhile, men looking for a fleeting romance should set their sights on women with big doe eyes.

Women who are looking to settle down should avoid macho types and find a man with soft features instead.

The Durham University study quizzed 700 men and women on how they felt about one-night stands. Unsurprisingly, the results showed that men find women who are interested in short-term flings attractive, whilst women migrate towards less promiscuous types.

Lead researcher Dr Lynda Boothroyd confirmed the results saying: 'Although the men couldn't always tell which women were more strongly interested in short-term sex, they were very strongly attracted to the women who were.

'The women were very strongly attracted to the guys who were interested in commitment.'

Co-researcher Dr Ben Jones added: 'This really is the first study to show that people are also sensitive to subtle facial signals about the type of romantic relationships that others might enjoy.'

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