Contraceptive super-Pill that will end PMT

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  • Scientists create contraceptive super-Pill that could end PMT

    IT COULD BE the answer to many girls’ prayers – a contraceptive pill that puts a stop to periods and PMT has been created.

    Lybrel, the first pill designed to be taken continuously, could end the mood swings, bloating and tiredness thousands of women experience in the run-up to their periods.

    This super-Pill is already on sale in America and pharmaceutical giant, Wyeth, hopes it will be available in Britain next year, reports the New Scientist.

    A typical combination of oestrogen and progestrogen, it will be taken every day, and won’t require the seven day break that comes with taking the 21-day cycle of the Pill.

    Wyeth’s studies show that Lybrel completely stops bleeding in more than 70% of those who take it for seven months and women used to experiencing PMT found their symptoms were eased.

    The firm insists that this will not negatively affect fertility, but some experts warn that stopping periods completely could mask infertility problems and unexpected pregnancies.

    Ethical concerns have also been raised. Josephine Quintavalle, of campaign group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, likened the idea of the continuous Pill to using a ‘sledgehammer’ to control nature.

    However, some doctors argue there is no medical reason why women need to stop taking the Pill each month.

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