Breastfeeding for six months improves bonding

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  • breastfeeding boosts child's educational and health prospects

    Mothers who breastfeed their babies for at least six months improve their relationships with their child, as well as boosting their educational and health development, says a new study

    The Institute of Education in London found that breastfeeding is linked to positive parenting practices that continue into childhood.

    Researchers studied the behaviour of 1,136 mothers reading a story book to their one-year-old and found that those who breastfed were more engaged with their babies and appeared to have a warmer relationship, regardless of other factors such as income group or marital status.

    The study’s findings reinforce the message of breastfeeding campaigners, worried about low levels of breastfeeding in the UK. Fewer than eight in ten mothers in this country breastfeed their babies from birth and only one in ten continue past six months.

    Dr Leslie Gutman, who led the study, told the Daily Mail, “Breastfeeding had a positive association with parenting, regardless of marital status or income level,”  .  

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