Here’s why being stressed could actually be a good thing

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    If you’re someone who juggles tonnes of tasks each day with barely a breather in between, then you’re about to get a big injection of smugness.

    A study, published by researchers at the University of Texas, has found that people who are busier have sharper minds and better memories.

    The research looked at 330 healthy men and women (all aged 50 and above – so youth isn’t a factor here) and asked them about their daily routines before putting them through a series of tests.

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    Lo and behold, the results found that a busy lifestyle linked directly to a healthy brain. Dr Sarah Festini, a key researcher on the project, explained: ‘We show that people who report greater levels of daily busyness tend to have better cognition, especially with regard to memory for recently learned information.’

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    They also found that episodic memory – the memory that recalls specific events in the past – was particularly good in people who had busy lifestyles. Win.

    We’re pretty pleased to know that stressful days at work don’t just make you want to pull your hair out but can actually offer some benefits too.

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    The research concluded by actually encouraging that we try and fit more into our days. Erm no.

    We don’t know if we’ll go that far, but we do feel a bit more chilled about the whole thing. Ironic, really.

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