A glass of wine could make you slimmer

Do you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening to help you unwind? Well this little treat could help you keep off those unwanted pounds!

Wine - Health News - Marie Claire
Wine - Health News - Marie Claire
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Do you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening to help you unwind? Well this little treat could help you keep off those unwanted pounds!

Often like a glass of wine to relax in the evening? Well good news girls, as it has been reported that treating yourself to a glass of red could in fact help you keep those pounds off.

New research has revealed that those who regularly consume a glass or two of alcohol a day are less likely to gain weight than those who stick to water or soft drinks.

These new findings come after a 13-year study monitoring the weight of over 19,000 American women, in relation to their drinking habits. It was discovered that those who declared themselves as teetotal gained the most inches while those who drank ‘moderate' amounts stayed the slimmest.

One theory behind these results, reported on Times Online, is that calories from alcohol have less impact than calories from food. It is suggested that livers of regular drinkers develop a different method to breaking down alcohol, with excess energy converting mainly into heat rather than fat.

However don't think that extra shot of alcohol on a night out will help to shift those few extra pounds as beer and spirits have been linked to the highest weight gain. Instead research shows that red wine is the healthiest option.

Not only could it help you stay trim, but red wine has in the past been linked to other health benefits including boosting blood flow to the brain and cutting the risk of heart disease.

Now doesn't a glass of Merlot sound more inviting than a punishing gym session!


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