Harry Potter goblin tutors now exist to help you study for exams

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  • Take my Galleons

    Exams are stressful. Studying for them can be a nightmare, especially when you’re desperately trying to cram a subject you absolutely can’t stand into your brain in the weeks before the test.

    But what if the subjects that hated the most were taught to you by goblins? And not just any old goblins – but Harry Potter goblins?

    Would you be more willing to learn? Dare we say it, enjoy making notes? Would a bit of magic injected into a lesson about simultaneous equations make you actually want to do them?

    If the answer is yes, we’ve got some good news. Exam Papers Plus are now offering students the chance to learn tricky subjects with the help of tutors from the wizarding world. Their School of Magic service brings goblins from Gringotts and Severus Snape lookalikes to your living room to help you study for your upcoming exams.

    The tutors will come to your home ‘dressed in costume’ and teach interactive lessons including props (of course) like wands and capes, potions and ‘magical learning books’.

    Sadly, you won’t be learning Herbology or Defence Against the Dark Arts – however, if you need a helping hand with muggle subjects like maths or chemistry, the Harry Potter tutors are ready and waiting. You can even learn history alongside Nearly Headless Nick, if you so wish.

    Faisal Nasim, Director and private tutor at Exampapersplus.co.uk said: ‘We believe that creativity and inspiration can sometimes be lacking from the private tuition experience.

    ‘Inspiring children to learn in new ways that capture their imagination has been proven to increase brain development and help memory function.

    ‘”Wizard” style learning is an exciting new way to keep your children engaged for longer with topics they may previously have struggled with.’

    Brb, going back to school just so I can get a magical tutor.

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