Wanna know the secret ingredient to an epic shindig that will impress your friends?

In Partnership with Russian Standard Vodka

In Partnership with Russian Standard Vodka

Let’s face it, the dismal British weather of late and the same-old-same-old formula for a garden party - think prosecco, favourite gins, and boxed wine - isn’t cutting the mustard anymore.

We need something else to give our garden gatherings a bit of a level up. And, whilst I can’t do much about the weather, I think I’ve found the answer on the drink front: Russian Standard Vodka. Some might say this classic tipple has taken a bit of a sidestep in recent years, making way for its gin cousins, but definitely not anymore. 

For your next summer party, if you want fancy vodka-based cocktails or the perfect short for a mixer, raise your standards (I mean, who needs another gin and tonic, anyway?) and give this great tasting liquid a bit of a whirl. It’ll put a smile on your friends’ faces and definitely make it a party to remember. 

(I don’t want to lecture you, but - side note - don’t forget this is strong stuff, so no going over the top. Else it’ll be a party remembered for all the wrong reasons.)

Russian Standard Vodka, a taste of indulgence without the price tag

Back to the vodka. The brand can boast, and rightly so, that it’s proudly the number one premium Russian vodka in the world. Which is plainly obvious when you know the rich heritage, expertise, craft and passion that goes into making it. For a start it boasts real provenance being distilled in St Petersburg, which is the spiritual homeland of all vodka and, naturally, the home of Russian Standard Vodka. Secondly, it contains some of the finest ingredients; the pure glacial water from Lake Ladoga and the first-class Russian winter wheat that are blended to create this superior, smooth and clean tasting vodka makes it a right treat - you’ll really taste its purity.

Pure glacial water from Lake Ladoga

And if you’re already a firm vodka fan, but want to try something more premium and a bit special, then this is definitely the one (trust me, this isn’t the stuff you swigged in your younger days and then winced at) - it’s superior, great tasting and oozes luxury. 

And I’m not the only one pro Russian Standard Vodka, either. This 200-times-distilled quality liquid is gold medal winning, too, backed by some of the leading judges in the industry. Last year, the brand was awarded the Masters Award which is the highest medal for spirits judged in a blind taste test. A triumph that truly champions its taste. 

I bet it’s really spenny, I hear you ask. Well it’s not actually, even though it’s consistently being crowned with gold metals and prestigious accolades. Yes, it’s an exceptional, crystal clear liquid flowing with luxury, but no it’s not expensive. This is an affordable luxury that definitely deserves a place at your next party. Pick up a bottle and find recipes you can try here. And like I said, whatever way you serve it - neat, chilled over ice, sipped slowly and savoured, mixed in a fruity long cocktail or paired with a mixer - your party friends will thank you for this new and quality addition. 

May I have an invite?

Lizzie Hudson