Signs you’re unhealthily obsessed with the John Lewis Christmas advert

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    How did the John Lewis Christmas advert become the unofficial starting gun for the whole festive season?

    We’ve now had nearly a decade of elaborate, cinematic numbers featuring trampolining dogs, romancing snowmen, penguins called Monty and a lonely old man on the moon, always with a hooky acoustic cover layered on top.

    Now, after laying down a breadcrumb trail with #UnderTheBed, the new advert starring ‘Moz the Monster’ is here.

    But is your personal level of excitement about the arrival of Moz proportional or juuuust a little unhealthy? Are your friends exchanging looks?

    Or should everyone else stop being such an old scrooge and get on board?

    Here are the signs you’re a John Lewis advert diehard:

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    You’ve thought about the John Lewis Christmas advert for more than ten minutes today

    You had an #UnderTheBed news alert on your phone

    You tweeted the @UnderTheBed account to relay your excitement

    When the advert came out last year you waited until you got home so you could have a ‘proper viewing’

    ‘Nobody ruin it!’

    …then watched it 8 times

    ‘Going in again…’

    (And ugly-cried all the way through)

    You’re doing the same this year #Friday

    Then you’ll download the soundtrack

    (As well as Elbow’s last album Little Fictions)

    You’ll share the ad on Facebook (with an enthusiastic review)

    ‘You’ve done it again John Lewis! #crying #christmas’

    You’ve bought into the John Lewis Christmas advert merchandise

    That Monty the penguin that was ‘for your niece’

    You can’t see why your friends aren’t more into this

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