Eight female pioneers share their secrets to success

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  • Meet the women behind the powerful new Tricouni campaign

    Luxury outerwear and accessories label Tricouni is renowned for dressing innovators and explorers. For its latest campaign the brand has brought together inspiring females to recreate the legendary image of nine young men ready to climb Mount Everest in 1924. We spoke to the women involved to ask their advice on how to make it to the top, whatever your peak may be...

    Disha Sughund – Head of Fundraising for Womankind Worldwide

    ‘Being a female pioneer means working for something I feel truly passionate about and never taking no for an answer, just trying again in a different way. Find a mentor – someone with more experience who doesn’t work with you and is interested in your development. Mentors are great sounding boards and give good advice.’

    Stephanie Grainger – Model

    ‘Coming back to modelling in my 60s after breast cancer was something that never seemed possible. I feel like there are no longer any barriers to what I want to achieve. Don’t waste time because life moves very quickly. When you find what inspires you, grab it and remember nothing is impossible if you work hard enough.’

    Jennifer Johansson and Natalie Chassey –
    Tech Entrepreneurs

    ‘We are entering an area that is rather difficult to penetrate as women but we are very passionate about moving forward and conquering it. We feel empowered to be in this space and would love to pave the way for many other women who have tech-based ideas. Don’t let fear stop you from doing something you feel passionate about, because it’s really quite remarkable how the individual adjusts to fear – you just need to exercise that muscle.’

    Clare Thompson –

    ‘Setbacks are the greatest teacher so try to see the opportunity in every difficulty. Every successful person will have failed at things many times before they achieve what they have set out to do. Embrace difficulties and don’t be afraid to employ change in the way you approach a problem.’

    Rosie Stancer –
    Polar Explorer

    ‘We have no idea of the boundaries of our potential. If you feel frightened, keep going – courage is when you keep going despite the fear. Even if you don’t make it to the very top, you’ll have made some fascinating discoveries about yourself on the way.’

    Amber Atherton –

    ‘Boldly venture into the unknown – with a start-up you’re often doing this on a daily basis. Take risks and try to be a strong leader.’

    Daisy de Villeneuve –

    ‘Be a combination of curious, driven, insightful, resourceful, unique, efficient & productive. And get a website to showcase your work.’

    Tricouni’s AW16 collection will be available online from September

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