There’s a really easy way to look back at all your old Instagram bios

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  • If you dare

    Think back to a time before social media was what it is today, when the biggest decision of your teenage life was what MSN handle to use and you became a bit of a coding whizz thanks to the hours spent creating the perfect MySpace page.

    Now, imagine revisiting all of the things you wrote/shared/commented on all those years ago. Ah, yes, we do have that – Facebook memories. The unwelcome appearance of the wall-to-wall messages you used to leave so publicly back in the day, the ones that give you a fright when you’re already dealing with Monday dread.

    But we’re talking more about the way you used to describe yourself when carving out your digital personality – like quotes, lyrics, and emojis spelling out your relationship status.

    While we can’t take you on a trip down memory lane to MSN or MySpace (mainly because who even remembers their log in details for either?), we can reveal that there’s a way to find out what your old Instagram bios used to be, and it’s really simple.

    That’s right – if you’re keen to find out what you thought would make you sound edgy and interesting back when the app launched in 2010, the knowledge is right at your fingertips.

    Twitter user @Morgan_McGuire2 shared how to find all of your old Instagram bios – just incase you want a cringey reminder.

    ‘If you want a giggle do this… Go to insta/Settings/Security/Access data/Former bio texts. It will show you anything and everything you have ever set ur bio to and it is cringy and funny asf,’ she tweeted.

    Naturally, the Twitterverse has been sharing their findings underneath the original tweet and previous bios include everything from details about heartbreak to some very emosh lyrics.

    Fancy going back into your Instagram bio history?

    You know what to do.

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